The institute offer Ph. D and master degrees in life sciences. It has a staff of 91 senior scientists. Enrolment of students is 830 currently, of whom about 588 are studying for doctorates. This institute provides both excellent research and living conditions for students. All post-graduate students are awarded a good amount of stipends with 30,000 RMB per year for students pursuing master's degree and 45,600 RMB per year for doctorate students.


    We insist people-oriented concept, focus on creating a good learning environment for students. The characteristic training model of IGDB is noted for excellent teaching, broad academic exchanges, scientific and rigorous evaluation mechanism, good experimental platform and various activities, which inspire students up on research and benefit for their career development. 



    Neurobiology, genetics, developmental biology, cell biology, biological informatics, biophysics, plant nutrition, ecology, crop genetics and breeding, biology and medicine


    Young students from every corner of the world who have been trained in biology, agriculture, medicine, computer science, chemistry and physics are welcome to join in IGDB.



    Tel: 86-10-64806522



    Introduction of Graduate Education
    Life at IGDB
    Life at IGDB
    Life at IGDB