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IGDB-Leeds Joint E-Lab for Plants Sciences

The IGDB-Leeds Joint E-Lab for Plants Sciences was established in 2006 as a way to promote interactions between the Centre for Plant Sciences (CPS) in University of Leeds and the Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing. The objective of the joint laboratory is to encourage and develop scientific links between the CPS and IGDB so that we can together benefit from the potential offered by our complementary skills and expertise.

The opening ceremony for the joint laboratory was held in 2007. Pilot projects began running in the joint laboratory in 2007 and a website ( was launched to facilitate further interactions between our two partner institutes within the joint laboratory.




 CPS members:

Dr David Adams:

Prof Howard Atkinson:

Dr Alison Baker:

Prof David Cove:

Dr Andrew Cuming:

Prof Brendan Davies:

Dr Jurgen Denecke:

Prof Philip Gilmartin:

Dr Stefan Kepinski:

Dr Celia Knight:

Prof Paul Knox:

Prof Peter Meyer:

Dr Peter Urwin:

Dr Chris West:

Dr Hanma Zhang:


 IGDB members:

Dr Jiayang Li

Dr Yongbiao Xue

Dr Baoge Zhu

Dr Qi Xie