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Training on Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopy Conducted at Center for Genome Biology (2010-05-28)
Commemoration of the 115th Anniversary of the Birth of Professor Li Ruqi (2010-05-20)
Table Tennis Competition of Center for Genome Biology (2010-04-30)
The Opening Ceremony of 2009 Graduate Students in IGDB (2009-09-08)
Director Zhibin Zhang Visited Center for Agro-Resources Research (2008-06-07)
Deputy Director-General Linying Ma and Deputy Director Jinghua Cao Visited IGDB (2008-06-10)
Forum on Genome Biology and Beyond Held at IGDB (2008-06-16)
Opening Ceremony for the New Graduate Students Held (2008-09-05)
CAS Molecular Breeding Center of Japonica Rice Established in Harbin (2008-09-18)
Second Meeting of the 2nd Scientific Advisory Committee of IGDB Held (2008-09-24)
Mobilization Meeting of Learning and Practice of the Scientific Concept of Development Held (2008-10-23)
Annual Meeting of IGDB in 2008 Was Held in Beijing (2009-01-19)
2008 Annual Meeting of the State Key Laboratory of Plant Genomics (2009-02-05)
Postdoctoral Academic Conference (2009-03-11)
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