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Director Urs Niggli of Research Institute of Organic Agricultur...   (2016-02-29)
Delegation of Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan Visits the Inst...   (2015-11-17)
A Collaborative Research Agreement is Extended between Institut...   (2015-08-14)
Dr. GAO Caixia Was Presented DuPont Young Professor Award   (2015-07-28)
Dr. LI Jiayang Elected As a New Foreign Member of the Royal Soc...   (2015-05-04)
Memorandum of Scientific Cooperation between IPK and IGDB Signed   (2014-11-04)
IGDB-Pioneer Hi-Bred Workshop 2014 Held in Beijing   (2014-09-01)
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Hterotrimeric G Proteins Regulate Plant Immunity   (2016-04-25)
Scientists Find a Novel Mechanism of Meristemoid Cells in Plant Organ Size Control   (2016-04-20)
A New Component in Regulating Plant DNA Methylation Identified   (2016-04-20)
Feeding the world: Uncovering a key regulator of flower head development in rice   (2016-04-05)
The Receptors Perceiving the Female Attractant in Plants Identified   (2016-03-15)
Knocking Down Huntingtin in Adult Brains for Treating Huntington Disease Might Safe   (2016-03-15)
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