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Chinese Researchers Develop Database for Rice Molecular Breeding   (2019-11-04)
Collaboration between CBPG (UPM-INIA) and IGDB Initiated   (2019-10-30)
When Europeans Do Science in China   (2019-09-16)
CEPAMS Expands its Research Portfolio   (2019-03-29)
‘Green Revolution’ Crops Bred to Slash Fertilizer Use   (2018-08-19)
UK Minister Mark Field Visits CEPAMS in Beijing   (2018-07-24)
CEPAMS Annual Symposium 2018 Held in Beijng, China   (2018-03-16)
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A Rare Gain of Function Mutation in a Wheat Tandem Kinase Confers Resistance to Powdery Mildew   (2020-02-02)
Directed Evolution of Endogenous Genes by Dual Cytosine and Adenine Base Editors to Accelerate Agronomi...   (2020-01-10)
MED25 Regulates the Alternative Splicing of JAZ Genes through Recruitment of Splicing Factors PRP39 and...   (2019-12-19)
The Widespread Dosage Imbalance during S Phase Shapes the DNA Replication Program   (2019-12-06)
PAIso-seq, A New Method to Analyze RNA Poly (A) Tails Reveals Wide-spread Non-A Modifications within Po...   (2019-11-26)
Chinese Researchers Develop Purple Tomato with More Anthocyanins   (2019-11-14)
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