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GAO Caixia is Selected as One of the Science Stars of China by ...   (2016-06-21)
Organic Agriculture Technology and Innovation Platform establis...   (2016-05-28)
Director Urs Niggli of Research Institute of Organic Agricultur...   (2016-02-29)
Delegation of Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan Visits the Inst...   (2015-11-17)
A Collaborative Research Agreement is Extended between Institut...   (2015-08-14)
Dr. GAO Caixia Was Presented DuPont Young Professor Award   (2015-07-28)
Dr. LI Jiayang Elected As a New Foreign Member of the Royal Soc...   (2015-05-04)
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A New Factor Involved in Lipid Transport and Related to Fatty Liver Disease   (2016-06-24)
IGDB Scientists Revealed the Conserved Novel Mechanism of ERAD Tuning between Plant and Mammals   (2016-06-22)
A Multiprotein Complex Involves in Regulation of Cortical Neuronal Migration   (2016-06-15)
IGDB Scientists Revealed New Mechanism of Autism Pathogenesis   (2016-06-15)
miR172a, a New Gene Improves Salt Tolerance in Soybean   (2016-06-02)
A Multiallelic Gene MS5 Regulates Male Fertility in Brassica napus   (2016-06-02)
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