Plant Phenotyping Core Facility
    Ni Jiang
    Chief Scientist
    Plant Phenotyping Core Facility
    The Plant Phenotyping Core facility focuses on the analysis of plant images and other phenotypic data as well as develop novel analysis algorithms, providing multiscale phenotyping of plant samples from the cell to whole plant level. Applying visible imaging, hyperspectral imaging, 3D imaging, and X-ray Computed Tomography, our goal is to develop imaging solutions and computational methodologies to help plant researchers to address fundamental questions in modern agriculture.
    Computational tools for plant phenotyping
    X-ray Microscopy for 3D characterization of plant cells, tissues, and organs
    X-ray Computed Tomography for non-destructive 3D phenotyping of complex plant structures
    Drone based high-throughput field phenotyping
    mobile ground platforms for high-throughput field phenotyping