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Table Tennis Competition of Center for Genome Biology

In order to enrich the teachers and students cultural life, improve fitness and maintain a healthy work and study environment, Center for Genome Biology held a table tennis competition on April 22-23, 2010 in the afternoon at the activity hall. The event consisted of three competitions; Men's singles, women's singles and mixed doubles. Prof. Zhukuan Cheng, Prof. Chuanyou Li, Prof. Qi Xie and Prof. Yonghong Wang along with 60 graduate students from 16 research groups participated in the competition. Ms. Yibo Han; Director Human Resources of the Institute, Mr. Chunguang Liu; Director of the Party Committee Office, and Prof. Xiaofeng Cao, Director of Center for Genome Biology, arrived and cheered for the team members.


There were three games in two phases, one each afternoon. The first knockout round was for to decide the winner in men’s five-strong category (Zhukuan Cheng, Chuanyou Li, Linlin Qi, Wanke Zhang, and Hongfeng Zou), the women’s five-strong category (Lijuan Chen, Mingji Feng, Lifen Gao, Ranran Wu, and Di Zhang), and the mixed doubles eight-strong category (Lijuan Chen, Hongfeng Zou, Xiaomei Hou, Chengzhen Liang, Hongmei Li, Minmin Du, Ying Tang, Yonggang Peng, Ran Xia, Sanyuan Tang, Di Zhang, Sijia Zhao, Qingzhen Zhao, Zhonghui Zhang, Zhijun zhen, and Yintao Zhao).In the second round of the competition, all the teams were evenly matched. After tough competition, Zhukuan Chen, Hongfeng Zou and Wanke Zhang won the top three positions in the men's singles; Mingji Feng, Lifen Gao and Di Zhang won the top three positions in the women's singles; Lijuan Chen and Hongfeng Zou, Hongmei Li and Minmin Du shared the first and the second places in the mixed doubles, respectively; whereas Ran Xia and Sanyuan Tang, Qingzhen Zhao and Zhonghii Zhang tied for the third place in the same category.


Table tennis competition of the Center for Genome Biology was held to encourage the intercommunication between groups, improve the teachers’ and students’ physical fitness, enhance team cohesion and strengthen mutual communication and friendship. It also creates a positive, relaxed and harmonious atmosphere, to improve the working efficiency of teachers and students.