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Chinese Scientists Discover a New Regulator of Ethylene Signaling (2018-02-27)
Researchers Discover Key Molecular Mechanisms in Organ Size Control (2018-02-26)
Breeding of High-yield and Early-maturation Rice Could Be Achieved (2018-02-24)
ARF3 and Cytokinin Regulate Floral Meristem Determinacy (2018-02-12)
China's Need to Turn Milk Green (2018-02-12)
Scientists Find an Antisense Long Noncoding RNA That Is Involved in Maintaining Leaf Blade Flattening in Rice (2018-02-12)
Scientists Decode the First in vivo RNA Structurome in Rice (2018-02-09)
CRISPR/Cas9 IVT or RNP Based DNA-free Genome Editing in Wheat (2018-02-06)
Scientists Find a “Thermostat” in Plant Immunity (2018-01-18)
sHSP22 Is Key Regulator in the Cross Talk between ABA and Auxin (2018-01-08)
IGDB Scientists Developed an Improved Method for Determination of Plant Endogenous Brassinosteroids (2017-12-21)
Scientists Revealed that TBC1D7 Regulates Systemic Growth in Droaophila (2017-12-14)
IGDB Scientists Found an Uncanonical CCCH-tandem Zinc Finger Protein Repressing Secondary Wall Synthesis in... (2017-11-28)
Canonical Wnt Efficiently Induces Trophoblastic Syncytiotrophoblast Layer II Cells Differentiation (2017-11-24)
Scientists Uncovered a Novel Presynaptic Function of the Autism Associated Gene SHANK (2017-11-17)
cTAGE5 Interacts with Sec22b to Regulate Proinsulin Trafficking (2017-11-15)
Dpb3-Dpb4 Complex Coordinately Regulates the Heterochromatin Inheritance (2017-11-08)
Histone H3 Phosphorylation Requires Cohesion and Centromere Activity in Maize (2017-11-02)
Chloroquine Prevents ZIKV Infection and Its Associated Congenital Microcephaly in Mice (2017-11-02)
Chinese Scientists Uncover the Critical Neurovirulence Determinant of Zika Virus Contributing to Fetal Micr... (2017-11-02)
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