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  Research Progress
Scientists Discover a Novel Mechanism for the Regulation of Microtubules Array (2017-06-07)
Cytokinins Activate Stem Cells during Axillary Meristem Initiation (2017-06-06)
Researchers Find a Common Proteome Response to Divergent Environmental Stresses in Cyanobacterium (2017-05-27)
Jasmonic Acid Biosynthesis Promotes Mesocotyl/Coleoptile Elongation of Etiolated Rice Seedlings (2017-05-05)
Genome of Indica Rice Demonstrates How to de novo Assemble a Highly Contiguous Reference Genome (2017-05-05)
Asian Wild Rice is Not So Wild (2017-04-18)
Repeat Sequences Have Been Used for Wheat Breeding (2017-04-10)
How to Counter Rapidly Increasing Pest Resistance to Transgenic Crops Producing Single Bacillus thuringiens... (2017-04-10)
General Transcription Factors Specifically Regulate Lipid Metabolism (2017-04-07)
A PP2C Allele Underlying a QTL Enhances Seed Weight in Soybean (2017-04-07)
A Naturally Occurring Tandem Array Leads to Superior Grain Yield of Rice (2017-03-30)
IPI1 Protein Mediates Post-Translational Modification of IPA1 to Regulate Plant Architecture in Rice (2017-03-30)
Chinese Researchers Revealed a New Antiviral Defense Mechanism in Rice (2017-03-28)
IGDB Scientists Found the Mechanism of Xylan Deacetylation and Its Function in Rice (2017-03-08)
IGDB Scientists Develop a Precise Base Editing Approach for Major Cereal Crops (2017-03-01)
GmZF351 Enhances Seed Oil Accumulation in Soybean (2017-02-20)
How Can DA1 Control Seed and Organ Size in Plant? (2017-02-20)
IGDB Researchers Develop DNA-free Genome Editing Method in Wheat (2017-02-16)
A Trafficking Protein Regulates Distribution of Postsynaptic Scaffolding Proteins to the Distal Dendrites o... (2017-02-16)
Dynamic Location Changes of Histone H2A Phosphorylation Is Essential for Plant Chromosome Orientation and S... (2017-01-17)
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