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  Research Progress
The Plant Specific AGG3 Controls Seed and Organ Size (2012-03-16)
SR1 Modulates Plant Defense and Ethylene-induced Senescence (2012-03-08)
Consolidated Methodology for the Study of Mouse Energetics (2012-02-10)
Male Meiotic Entry Regulation in Rice (2012-02-09)
OCT4B Isoform-265 Promotes Cell Apoptosis under Genotoxic Conditions (2012-02-09)
EOD3/CYP78A6 Controls Seed Size in Plants (2012-02-08)
Wheat WRKY2 and WRKY19 Improve Stress Tolerance in Transgenic Plants (2012-01-19)
ILA1 Is a Group C MAPKKK Member and Regulates Rice Leaf Angle (2012-01-19)
ERAD is Involved in BR-Mediated Plant Stress Tolerance (2012-01-19)
MRG-1 Plays an Important Role in Maintenance of Genomic Integrity in C.elegans (2012-01-18)
Co-overexpression of FIT with AtbHLH38 or AtbHLH39 Enhanced Cadmium Tolerance (2011-12-27)
Identification of Small RNAs Related to Oil Production and Embryonic Development in Brassica napus (2011-12-15)
A Novel Mechanism for H2O2-induced Leaf Cell Death in Rice was Found (2011-11-28)
Roles of Dicer-like Proteins in Rice Phased Small RNA Biogenesis (2011-11-16)
HPR1 Is Required for Immune Response in Arabidopsis (2011-11-10)
A Novel Regulator of Pollen Tube Guidance Response Was Identified by IGDB Scientists (2011-10-10)
Scientists Discover Novel Action Mechanisms of Jasmonate in Regulating the Plant Root Growth (2011-09-30)
MED25 Controls Plant Organ Size (2011-09-20)
Scientists Discover a Novel Mechanism for BDNF-TrkB to Regulate Signaling (2011-09-05)
PHD1 Has Potential Use for Improving Crop Yield (2011-08-10)
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