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  Research Progress
Reaearchers Find A New Mechanism Accounting for the Proliferation Defect in Aneuploid Cells (2019-07-28)
IGDB Scientists Report a New Transcriptional Activation Mechanism of Jasmonate Signaling (2019-07-22)
IGDB Scientists Reveal the Crosstalk between Strigolactone and Cytokinin in Rice (2019-07-08)
MED25 Promotes Enhancer-Promoter Looping during Jasmonate Signaling (2019-06-24)
IGDB Researchers Report Zinc Fortification of Rice Grain By Metabolic Control of Cytokinin (2019-06-17)
DNA Methylation Repels Targeting of Arabidopsis Histone Demethylase REF6 (2019-05-13)
Plants and the Art of Microbial Maintenance (2019-05-10)
IGDB Scientists Reveal the Relationship Between Root Microbiome and Nitrogen Use Efficiency in Rice (2019-04-29)
CRISPRed Wheat Helps Farmers Control Weeds (2019-04-12)
Scientists Discover Resistosome, Illuminating Plant Disease Resistance Mechanisms (2019-04-04)
H3K27me3 Demethylase JUMONJI 13 Regulates Flowering Time in Arabidopsis (2019-04-02)
IGDB Scientists Found that Xylan Sidechain Deacetylation Determines Cell Wall Architecting (2019-03-28)
Transplanting Adult Spinal Cord Tissues: A New Strategy of Repair Spinal Cord Injury (2019-03-28)
Rice Cultivation: Balance of Phosphorus and Nitrogen Determines Growth and Yield (2019-03-27)
The Gut Microbiota Helps to Maintain Core Body Temperature Under Cold Exposure (2019-03-05)
Snapdragon Enters the Genomic Age (2019-03-05)
Researchers Reveal Unexpected Genome-Wide Off-Target Mutations Caused by Cytosine Base Editing (2019-03-01)
Researchers Generated A Shoot Domains Specific Gene Expression Map (2019-01-18)
Researchers Found A MYC2-regulated Autoregulatory Negative Feedback Loop to Terminate Jasmonate Signaling i... (2019-01-18)
Response Regulators Firstly Found to Be Essential for Rice Meiosis (2018-12-19)
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